Food Basics Flyer September 10 – September 16, 2020

Lean Ground Beef Family Pack
Irressistibles Ec,Xtra Lean Ground Chicken Or Turkey
Paula Red Apples
Noor Dates
White Potatoes
Yellow Potatoes
Yellow Onions
After Sale Price
E.D. Smith Triple Fruits Spread
Black Diamond Slices
Lactania Cream Cheese
Astro Or Activia Yogourt
Quaker Harvest Crunch
Nestle Pure Life Natural Spring Water
Cashmere Bathroom Tissue
Selection Cheese Shreds
Heluva Good Dip
Selection Cream
Selection Bacon
Irressistibles Yogourt
Irressistibles Orange Juice
Villaggio Italian Style Bread
Sausage Or Crustini Buns
Hostes Snack Cakes
Irressistibles Maple Syrup
Kelloggs Raisin Bran
Campbells Broth Chunky Soup
Selection Oats Oatmeal
Selection Coffee Pods
Gaagen-Dazs Ice Cream
Nestle Bars
Stouffers Diner Classics
Delissio Rising Grusy Pizza
Nescafew Gold Instant Coffee
Philadelphia Dips
Kraft Salad Dressing Diana Or Bulls Eye Bbq Sauce
Kraft Peanut Butter
Crave Entrees
Mccain Superdries
Mccain Sweet Potato Superfries
Mccain Breakfast Potato Patties
Ferrero Rider Suprise Or Bueno
Ferrero Kinder Suprise Or Bueno
Pintys Man Cave Original Or Street Dawg Wieners
Pintys Eat Well Breaded Chicken Strips Or Nuggets
Pintys Eat Well Breaded Chicken Fillets Or Flings
Pintys Pub And Grill Chicken Wings Or Boneless Chunks
Oasiis Apple Juice
Allens Apple Juice
Fruite Drinks Del Monte Nectar Or Oasis Juice
Christie Cracckers
Christie Crispers Bits & Bites Or Ritz Snacks
Christie Cookies
Cadbury Family Bars
Cadbury Bars
Acorn Buttercup Butternut Or Spaghetti Squash
Eggplants Or Zuccihini
Field Tomatoes
Romaine Hearts
Mini Seedless Cucumbers
Broccoli Crowns
Sweet Corn
Pie Pumpkin
Green Beans
Bartlett Pears
Red Or Green Seedless Grapes
Dole Chop Chop Salads Or Kits
5″ Pink Hydrangeas
5″ Bromeliads
9″ Garden Mums
Selection Italian Style Or Breakfsat Sausages Family Pack
Fresh Pork Side Ribs
Boneless Pork Combinition Chops
Fresh Stewing Beef Family Pack
Fresh Atlalntic Salmon Steaks
Fresh Eye Or Ground Steaks Or Roast
Fontaine Sante Dips Dpreads Or Hummus
Irressistibles Fully Cooked Meatballs
Schneiders Maple Leaf Smoked Boneless Half Ham
Swanson Meat Pies
Maple Leaf Prepped & Ready Shredded Chicen Sliced Turkey Or Ground Beef
Irressistibles Pasta Entrees
Schneiders Sausage Ring Or Mini Pepperoni Stick
St-Hubert Fresh Pie
Irressistibles Cooked Or Raw Pacific White Shrimp
Cedar Bakery Lebanese Style Pite Bread
Di Manno New York Style Garlic Bread
Rudolphs Bavaran Bread
Dempters Bagels
Stone Oven Baked Baguettes
Irressistibles Cookies
Schoolsafe Cookies
Charlottes Cakes
Selection Brownies Macoroons Or Cinnamon Rolls
Selection Sour Cream
Irressistibles Cranberry Cocktail Or Juice Blends
Selection Shredded Cheese
Selection Snacks
Selection Hot Pepper Sauce
Selection Pudding Cup
Selection Granola Bars
Irressistbiles Cookies
Selection Hot Chocolate
Selection Instant Coffee
Selection Cutlery
Selection Foam Plates
Selection Napkins
Green Giant Vegetables
Black Diamond Cheese
Black Diamond Natural Cheese Slices
Snack Pack Pudding
Becel Margarine
Red Rose Tea
Jordans Supreme Muesli
Morning Crisp Granola
Club Houıse Saesoning Or Sauce
Harvest Snaps Snacks
Aha Water
Xtra Laundry Detergent
Milk Bone Dog Biscuits Or Farmers Medley Treats
Meow Mix Cat Food
Red Or Green Swiss Chard Or Dandelon
Cactus Pears
Molisana Tomata Passata
After Sale Price
Bertolli Olive Oil
La Molisana Pasta
Mastro Or San Denielle Deli Sliced Meat
Lavazza Espresso Coffee Beans
San Benedetto Water
Saputo Mini Friu Land
Terre Di Puglia Taralli
Auroka Honey
Molisana Green Cerignola Olives
Rio Mare Tuna
Loacker Wafers
Vita Vigor Bread Sticks
Aurora Marinated Vegetables
Gioia Biscuits Or Bauducco Wafers
Vita Sana Gnocchi
Aurora Boillon Cubes
Sea Sallt
Diced Tomatoes
Colavita Balsamic Or Wine Vinegar
Baule Croissants
Vita Sana Or Yoga Nectar
Cedar Garland Izmir Figs Or Izmir Layer Fgis
Pitted Dried Apricots
Zabiha Halal Chicken Wings
New Zealand Lamb Shanks
Qilla Premium Or Parliament Salitaire Basmati Rice
Baba Desi Butter Ghee
Kfi Sauce
Criispy Pound Cakes
Prans Spring Roll Or Samosas
Casablanca Biscuits
Ferma Mackerel
Lactania Purfiltre Milk
Irressistibles Ice Cream
Silk Drinks
Irressistibles Pizza Or Flat Bread
Beatrice Chocolate Milk
Michelinas Entrees
Folgers Ground Coffee
Tetley Tea
Heinz Beans Or Pasta
Kraft Dinner
Clover Leaf Light Tuna
Ocean Spray Cocktail Or Juice Blends
Tide Simply Clean & Fresh
Gain Laundry Detergent
Downy Fabric Softener

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