Superstore (West) Flyer August 21 – August 27, 2020

PC Southern Chicken Wings Frozen
Kraft Dinner Macaroni
Heinz Ketchup
817 Pure Basmati Rice
Charmain Bathroom Tissue
Kellogs Family Size Cereal
Beatrice Homo
Pampers Club Pack Plus Diapers
SeaQuest Raw Peeled Shrimp
Campbells Everyday Gourmet or Chunky Soup
PC Coffee Pods Whole Bean
Timothys Ground Coffee
Bolva 50 inc 4K UHD Smart TV
Lean Cuisine Stouffers or Stouffers Bistro Entrees
Christie Crackers
Case of 12 Bars Kind Bars
Hot Wheels or Thomeas Vehicle Toys
Hot Wheels or Thomas Vehicle Toys
Kid And Toddler Raincoats
Kid And Toddler Rain Boots
Off Candles or Lamps
Life at Home Decorative Rugs
Play Doh Single Can
No Name Ice Cream Sandwich or Bars
No Name Canola Oil
No Name Ice Milk
No Name Sour Cream
No Name Marshmallows
No Name Mushrooms
No Name Potatoes
No Name Fruit
No Name Waffles
No Name Pickles
Sunrise Orchard Run Apples
PC Organics Whole White or Cremini Mushrooms
Green or Red Leaf Lettuce
10 LB Bag Farmers Market White Potatoes
Prune Plumps
Fresh Attitude Salad Kits
Green Cabbage
Green or Yellow Zucchini
Green Peppers
Potted Basil
Romaine Hearts
Farmers Market Grape Tomatoes
Bagels or Croissants
Pizza Cheese Swil Buns
Annettes Mini Donuts
Farmers Market Cake Donuts
Farmers Market Muffins
PC Chopped Romaine
PC Chopped Coleslaw or Garden Salad
Big Sandwich Or Sub
Olivieri Fresh Pasta
Olivieri Fresh Sauce
Country Harvest Bagel
Old Mill English Muffins
Old Mill Bread
Deli World Light Rye Bread
No Name Smoked Sausages or Jumbo Wieners
D Italiano Buns
PC or Sufra Wings
PC Free From Chicken Wings
PC Split Chicken Wings
Cap Off Prime Rib Grilling Steak or Roast
Janes Pub Style Chicken Strips Nuggets Burgers or Popcorn or Lilydale Turkey Strips or Burger
Sabra Hummus
Sabra Grab N Go Hummus
Schnieders Bacon Maple Leaf Ready Crispy Bacon
Pork Combo Chops
Chicken Leg Qaurters
Ziggys Cheese or Deli Meat Prepack
Resers Salads
Tre Stelle Feta Cheese
Freybe Lyoner or Paprika Sausage
Frozen Milkfish
Wild Sockeye Salmon Fillets
Grimms Pepperoni
PC or PC Blue Menu Cheese Slices
PC Mini Hummus
Ziggys Turkey or Chicken Breast
Wild Ping Salmon Sole Blue Cod Basa Fillet Smoked Sockeye Breaded Pollock Fillets Popcorn Shrimp or Squid Rings
Fresh Sole Fillets
Tide Pods
Royale Tiger Towels
Gain or Cheer Liquid Laundry Detergent or Flings
Ziploc Fod Storage Bags
Royale Facial Tissue
Air Wick Freshmatic Life Scents Spray or Scented Oils
Lysol Disinfectant Spray Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Finish Dishwasher Detergent Tabs
Down Fabric Softener
Fabric Enhancer
SunRype Juice
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers
Lays Family Size Potato Chips
General Mills Cereal
Knorr Sidekicks
Twizzlers Candy Pack
Hersheys Chocolate Pouches
Nestle Drumstick Ice Cream Novelties
Minis Frozen
Lindt Swiss Classic or Lindor Chocolate Tablet
AHA Sparkling Water Beverage
Pepsi Soft Drinks
Lipton or Knorr Soup Mix
Hellmanns Mayonnaise
VH Cooking or Dipping Sauces
Dellisio Rising Crust or Pizzeria Pizza
Cavendish Hashbrown Patties Hashbrown Sticks Free
Crave Entrees
Purina One Smart Blend Adult Dog Food
Whiskas Temptations Cat Treats
Nature Valley Granola Bars
Quaker Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bars
SunRype Juice Boxes
SunRype Fruit To Go
Starbucks Whole Bean Coffee
Kraft Peanut Butter
Quaker Harvest Crunch Cereal
Post Cranberry Almond Crunch Cereal
Christie Mini Rits Bits Sandwiches
Mr Christies Arrowroot Biscuits
Fresh Atlantic Salmon Fillets
Eat Smart Sweet Kale Salad
High Liner Signature English Style Battered Cod Fillets
Cavendish Flavour Crisp Straight Cut Fries
PC Frozen Fruit
McCain Tasti Taters
Frito Lays Variety Pack
PC Deluxe Mixed Nuts
Shaken Bake Variety Pack
Christie Premium Plus Crackers
Rogers Golden Yellow Sugar
PC BBQ or Flavoured Chicken
No Name Liquid or Creamed Honey
Olivieri 3 Cheese Rainbow Tortellini
Enfagrow A Plus Toddler Formula Powder
Pampers Easy Ups or Huggies Pull Ups
Haggies Wipes
PediaSure Complete Nutritional Supplement
Loreal Excellence or Root Cover Up Hair Colour
Loreal Wonder Water
Pantene Hair Care Or Styling
Live Clean Shampoo or Conditioner
Schwarzkopf Shampoo or Conditioner
Gliss Shampoo or Conditioner
Gamier Belle Hair Colour Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner
Colgate Toothaste
Colgate Toothbrush
Listerine Classic Mouthwash
Listerine Smart Rinse Kids Mouthwash
Arm And Hammer or Orajel Oral Care Product
Pears Bar Soap
Dial Bar Soap Body Wash
Secret or Old Spice Deodorant
OralB Battery Toothbrush
Dove Body Lotion
Olay Regenerist or Eyes Facial Care
Trojan Condoms
U By Kotex Pads Liners Tampons
St Ives Lotion Scrubs Body Wash
Vaselline Lotion
Garnier Micellar Water or Cleaners
Reactine Benadryl Allergy Tablets
Ensure Protein Drinks
Glucerna Bars Drinks
Always Discreet Incontinence Underwear or Pads
Webber Vitamins
Dr Praegers Veggie Burgers
Caulipower Pizza
Unbuns Buns
Simply 7 Quinoa or Kale Chips
Silk Non Dairy Beverages
Zevia Zero Calorie Soda
Earths Own or So Nice Non Dairy Beverages
Organic Kicking Horse Organic Coffee Beans
Blue Diamond Almonds Non Dairy Beverages
Organic Fields Virgin Coconut Oil
Vega One Nutritional Shake
Simply Protein Bars
Organic Nutiva MCT Oil
PXBAR Protein Bars
Clif Energy Bars
Organic Bananas
Organic Nutiva Plant Protein Powder Vanilia or Chocolate
PC Free From Sausages
PC Organic Baby Spinach Field Green or Sring Spinach
Quaker Dipps or Chewy Granola Bars
Quaker Cereal
Quaker Crispy Minis Rice Cakes
Quaker Instant Oatmeal
Dare Realfruit or Kinder Mini Boxed Chocolate
CAdbury or Maynards Assorted Treats
Mars Fun Size Chocolate
Kinder Multipack Classic or Pink Bueno
Carnaby Sweet Candy Corn Mixed Candy Tub
International Delight Coffee Whitener
PC Blue Menu Egg Whites
Yoplait Surce Creamy
Liberte Greek Yogurt
McCain Superfries Breakfast
Pizza Pockets
Tropicana Juice Lemonade or Fruit Beverage
Saputo Mozzarellissima Cheese Bar or Shredded Cheese
Cracker Barrel Natural Cheese Slices
Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Bars
Nestle KitKat Ice Cream Bars
Minute Maid Oasis Health Break Juice or Five Alive Beverage
PC Blue Menu Thin And Crispy Loads of World of Flavours Pizza
PC Frozen Entrees
PC Vegatables
Large Reusable Cooler Bags
Kellogs Eggo Waffles or Pancakes
Kellogs Rice Krispies Squares or Pop Tarts
Welchs Fruit Snacks
Kellogs Premium Cereal
Tim Hortons Instant or Flavoured Coffe Mix
Nescafe Gold Instant or Flavoured Coffe Mix
Smuckers Jam Jelly or Marmalade
Sunkist Fruit Snacks
Leclerc Go Pure Fruit And Oat Bars
Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce
PC Cooking Spray
Gold Seal Wild Pink Salmon
Uncle Bens Bistro Express Rice Beans
Gold Seal Wild Pink Salmon
PC Cooking Spray
Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce
Frito Lays Variety Packs
Minute Maid Five Alive or Nestea Iced Tea Drink Boxes
Special K Cracker Chips
Keebler Crackers
Glad Pastic Wrap Alcan Aluminium FoilReynolds Parchment Paper
Method All Purpose Cleaner
Tidy Cats Multi Cat Clumping Litter
Purina One Dry Cat Food
Oxi Clean Stain Removers
Fleecy Fabric Softener Sheets
Purina Alpo Cookout Classics Dog Food
Milk Bone Biscuits or Farmers Medley Dog Treats
Purina One Dry Cat Food
Tidy Cats Multi Cat Clumping Litter
Nestle or Similac Infant Formula Powder or Liquids
Live Clean Dove or Johnsons Baby Shampoo Body Wash Lotions or Creams
Westlab Epsom Salt
Ombra Foam Bath Or Gentle Body Scrub
Loreal Lash Paradise or Bambi Mascara
Cetaphil or Aveeno Baby Care
Axe Dry Spray
Dove Body Spray
Dove Body Wash
Dove Bar Soap
Dove Shower Foam
Dove Body Polish
Dove or Degree Clinical Antiperspirant
Axe Body Wash Pump
Degree Antiperspirant Deodorant
Lever Bar Soap
Lever Body Wash
Axe Body Wash
Degree Antiperspirant
Sensodyne Intensive Repair
Rapid Relief ProNamel or Complate Toothpaste
Polident Tablets
Sensodyne Toothpaste
Voltaren Emulgel
Polident Tablets
Childrens Advil Suspension
Tums Assorted Berry
Advil Mini Gels Liqul Gels
Flonase Allergy Relief Spray
Always Pads Liners
Tampax Tampons
Gillette ProShield FusionS or Venus Refillable Razors
Gillette Sensor3 or Venus Simply3 Disposable Razors
Gillette Mach3 or Skinguard Catridges
Gillette Proglide Styler
Gillette Fusion Satin Care or Venus Shave Gel
RCA 65 inc 4K UHD Smart TV
Samsung 40 inc FHD Smart TV
LG 49 inc 4K UHD Smart TV
Bolva 58 inc 4K UHD Smart TV
Sony PS4 1TB Slim
LG 50 inc 4K UHD Smart TV
Amazon 8 inc Fire Tablet
Samsung Galaxy Tablet
Audio Bluetooth Earbuds
Google Mini Gen 2
Armor All Fierce Shine Tire Foam
Gorilla Tape
Sony Wireless Speaker SRSXB01
Starfrit The Rock 8 piece Cookware Set
Helix Lightning Charge and Sync Cable
Ellia Aroma Diffusers And Essentials Oils
Brita Marina Pitchers SOHO Pitchers 5 pack Filters And Preium Filtering Water Bottles
Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker
My Only Bottle
TFal Cookware
All PC Appliances
Reduce Bottles or Food Jars
PC Open Stock Flatware
All PC And Everyday Essentials Sinkware
Ziploc Food Storage Containers
Jump Kid World Botties Food Storage Containers And Lunch Bags
All PC Coffee And Tea Accessories
Everyday Essentials Non Stick 3 Piece Skillet Set
Ninja Appliances

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